Unrecognized field when running `cluster status` command

Created by Steve Place, Modified on Fri, 03 Nov 2023 at 01:47 PM by Steve Place

If you run stardog-admin cluster status and get an error message that includes "Unrecognized field", like this one:

Unrecognized field "readOnly" (class com.complexible.stardog.api.admin.pack.ClusterNodeStatus), not marked as ignorable (4 known properties: "type", "address", "role", "metadata"])
 at [Source: (StringReader); line: 1, column: 34069] (through reference chain: com.complexible.stardog.api.admin.pack.ClusterStatusView["nodes"]->java.util.ArrayList[0]->com.complexible.stardog.api.admin.pack.ClusterNodeStatus["readOnly"])

You probably have a mismatch between your client version (the version of Stardog your CLI is running) and your server version (the version your Stardog server itself is running). 

You can check your client version with stardog version and your server version with stardog-admin server status | grep Version.

If aligning the two versions does not solve your problem, file a support ticket.

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