log4j2.xml: ERROR Unable to locate appender X for logger config Y

Created by Steve Place, Modified on Wed, Jan 31 at 1:35 PM by Steve Place

If you get an error that contains lines like these:

ERROR A TriggeringPolicy must be provided
ERROR Null object returned for RollingRandomAccessFile in Appenders.
ERROR Unable to locate appender "stardogRollingFileAppender" for logger config "root"

It means Stardog can't find one or more of the directories you have specified for your appenders. These directories are defined in the <Properties> section at the top of your log4j2.xml file. Ensure that all the directories you specify exist and are reachable by the Stardog process. A common culprit is LOG_DIR.

If you've checked this and are sure all of the directories exist and are reachable, open a support ticket and attach your log4j2.xml file and stardog.log.

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