Diagnosing network issues in Launchpad

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There are 3 endpoints you need to test when you're having issues logging in to Launchpad:

  1. BASE_URL: This is the endpoint you type in to your browser to reach the sign-in page for Launchpad.
  2. STARDOG_INTERNAL_ENDPOINT: This is the endpoint Launchpad uses to make API requests to the Stardog server.
  3. STARDOG_EXTERNAL_ENDPOINT: This is the endpoint your browser uses to communicate with the Stardog server.

Troubleshooting steps

First, try logging in to Launchpad with an account defined on your Stardog server. You can use the default account whose credentials are admin:admin. If that works, then all 3 endpoints are working properly. If you're still having issues with Launchpad, see one of our other articles or file a support ticket.

Next, try typing the STARDOG_EXTERNAL_ENDPOINT into the address bar of your web browser. If you get prompted for credentials, that endpoint is working. If you don't see this article on troubleshooting the URL being unreachable.

After that, look at your stardog.log file. If you see authentication attempts, that means Launchpad connected to it, and STARDOG_INTERNAL_ENDPOINT is working properly. (You may still be getting authorization errors, but those are outside the scope of this article.)

If either the external or internal endpoints are not working, use shell commands like ping and traceroute or curl to see if the endpoints resolve. For the external endpoint, do this from your local machine. For the internal endpoint, do this from inside the Docker container running Launchpad.

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