How to get the query profile

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The query profile is a useful tool for diagnosing slow queries, as it shows the amount of memory used and time of execution for each part of the query plan. If you're going to file a ticket about query performance, please include the query profile. (Because if you don't, Support will almost certainly ask you for it!) 

There are 3 methods of getting the query profile.


Click the dropdown arrow next to "Show Plan" and hit "Run Profiler".

Note you may get a different profile using this method than the other two methods because of Studio's default query limit. If you have a LIMIT directly in your query or have queryLimit set high enough that the limit is irrelevant, this will not be an issue. (To read more about results being different in Studio compared to other methods, see this article.)


Run stardog query explain --profile myDb myQuery. To save the output of this command directly, you can redirect it into a file with >, e.g. stardog query explain --profile myDb myQuery > query_profile.txt.


Send a POST request to /{db}/explain with the profile parameter set to true.

Note: If your query is an INSERT query, please convert it to a CONSTRUCT query before profiling.

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