Azure AD: common issues

Created by Steve Place, Modified on Fri, 07 Jun 2024 at 04:54 PM by Steve Place

If you have not read the Azure AD docs at our launchpad-docs repo, please read that before reading this article.

Below are some common sources of errors with the files used in setting up the Azure AD integration with Stardog Launchpad.


  • Including the signer key
    • Our OAuth documentation includes a signer key, but you do not need it when using Azure AD with Launchpad.
  • keyUrl not being resolvable
    • Ensure the jwks.json file that your keyUrl points to is resolvable by Stardog. If it is not resolvable, your stardog.log file will contain the error message Failed verify the JWT: Failed to get key with kid [key ID].
      • This message will only show up if you have the following entry in your log4j2.xml file, which can be found in your STARDOG_HOME directory:
        • <Logger name="" level="DEBUG" additivity="false">
              <AppenderRef ref="stardogAppened"/>
      • If you see this error message, you have two options:

        • Set K8S_DEPLOYMENT=true in your Launchpad .env file.

        • Try putting your jwks.json file directly in your STARDOG_HOME directory. Then edit your jwt.yaml file such that the keyUrl entry is as follows:

          • keyUrl: file:///path/to/stardog_home/jwks.json

          • Note this method is insecure and is not intended for production.

      • If you're using Kubernetes, you'll edit your values.yaml file instead of your jwt.yaml file. You can see an example of which line to edit in our helm charts here.


  • Ensure the certificate bundle that STARDOG_SERVER_CERT_PATHpoints to has the Stardog server's certificate and all of the certificates in the chain to the root certificate.
    • read more about STARDOG_SERVER_CERT_PATH here
  • Ensure /jwk (the value of JWK_LOCATION) is properly mounted on your Docker container.

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