There was an error recording data in the log

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There are multiple potential causes of this error, so we'll update this article with causes and solutions as we find them.

Database not valid

Occasionally the database not being valid can cause this error. Run `db verify`. If the database is invalid, run `db repair`.

Unbound values in an INSERT query

(This only affects version 9.0.1 and was solved in 9.1.0.)

INSERT queries like the following can cause the error:

insert  { ?subj :value ?obj }
where { values ?subj {:a :b}}

If `values` return a single subject (i.e., if the second line were `where { values ?subj {:a}}`, the query completes fine (no data is inserted anyway since `?obj` is always unbound). When there is more than one value, the error will occur.

You can fix this by upgrading or by setting `strict.parsing=false` for the database where you get this error. Note if you do the latter option,  invalid literals like `"abc"^^xsd:integer` could be inserted into the database.

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