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This article is a companion to Stardog's installation validation checklist. It is not intended to be used on its own.

Breaking down the cURL command

The cURL command to check connectivity to your Stardog server is as follows:

curl -L -u admin $SERVER_ENDPOINT -o /dev/null -w '%{http_code}\n' -s

The flags in this command do the following:

  • `-L` follows redirects
  • `-u` allows you to put in credentials 
    • change "admin" if necessary, and you'll be prompted for your password
  • `-o /dev/null` redirects the content body of the response to a null endpoint (since we only care about the response code)
  • `-w '%{http_code}\n'` prints the response code
  • `-s` runs the command in silent mode, such that there's no progress meter or error messages

Creating a purposely slow query

If you do not have a query that will take over 60 seconds to execute (per the bullet starting "Execute a query that will take..."), you can run a purposely slow query like this:

  ?s1 ?p1 ?o1
  ?s2 ?p2 ?o2
  ?s3 ?p3 ?o3
  ... # repeat as necessary

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