I can't save queries in Explorer/Studio

Created by Steve Place, Modified on Fri, 03 May 2024 at 10:27 AM by Steve Place

This might be due to the fact that the HTTP request that gets sent when you try to store a query has a content type of application/ld+json. Many firewalls do not allow this content type by default, so you'll need to ask your admin to whitelist it. 

The way to do this varies by cloud provider, but here's how to do it on Azure:

  1. Locate your Application Gateway or WAF policy in the Azure portal.
  2. Custom Rules Creation:
    1. For Application Gateway WAF:
      1. Go to the Web Application Firewall under Settings.
      2. Select the policy to which you want to add the rule.
      3. Click on Custom rules.
    2. For Front Door WAF:
      1. Select the WAF policy.
      2. Go to Custom Rules.
  3. Add a New Custom Rule:
    1. Click on Add custom rule.
    2. Set a name for the rule.
    3. In the Rule type, select Match Rule.
    4. Configure the rule to match requests where the Content-Type header contains application/ld+json.
      1. Match Condition: Select Request Header.
      2. Header Name: Enter Content-Type.
      3. Operator: Choose Contains.
      4. Value: Enter application/ld+json.
    5. Action: Choose Allow to whitelist the requests.
  4. Priority and Rule Status:
    1. Set an appropriate Priority for the rule. Lower numbers have higher priority.
    2. Ensure the rule status is set to Enabled.
  5. Save and Apply Changes:
    1. Click on Add or Save to create the rule.
    2. It might take a few minutes for changes to propagate across the network.

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