How do I set up my BI server in Stardog Cloud?

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Our documentation on Configuring the BI Server is a good companion to this article.

Stardog Free users are not able to use their BI server. If you use a Stardog Free endpoint and would like to use your BI server, consider upgrading to Stardog Essentials or Stardog Enterprise.

Your BI server is enabled by default on your Stardog endpoint, on port 5806. The endpoint for your BI server is your normal endpoint with -bi-server added after the domain. In other words, if your normal Stardog endpoint is, your BI server's endpoint will be

SSL is not possible on BI endpoints, so the endpoint uses HTTP rather than HTTPS. The fact that we require your IP address to be whitelisted (see below) ensures a secure connection despite no SSL.

In order to connect to your BI server, however, your IP address must be whitelisted in our servers. We highly recommend connecting to your server through a company VPN (or some other mechanism for making your IP address predictable) so that the whitelist does not have to change frequently. Otherwise, expect delays in your projects as you wait for the whitelist to be updated.

You can request your IP to be whitelisted by opening a support ticket. Please include your own IP, plus the IPs of any of your team members. If you're connecting from multiple clients, e.g. a desktop client and Databricks in Azure, please include the IPs of all clients you might connect from.

Once your IP is whitelisted, go to your BI client and enter your BI server's endpoint and the username/password for your Stardog user. Note these are the credentials for a Stardog user you would see in Studio, not the credentials you use to log into

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