I want my Stardog roles to look like Azure RBAC, how do I do that?

Created by Steve Place, Modified on Tue, 14 Feb 2023 at 12:23 PM by Steve Place

For more information on managing users and roles, please see the docs.

Stardog doesn't have an official list of best practices for user/role permissions, as each customer's use case is different. However, you can mimic Azure RBAC as follows:

Azure Role
Azure Description
Stardog Equivalent
Full access to manage resources, but not assign roles
READ - *:*
WRITE - *:*
CREATE - db:*, data-source:*, virtual-graph:*
DELETE - db:*, data-source:*, virtual-graph:*
EXECUTE: admin:*
Grants full access to manage all resources, including the ability to assign roles
ALL - *:*
View all resources, but does not allow you to make any changes
READ - *:*
User Access Administrator
Lets you manage user access to Azure resources
READ - *:*
WRITE - *:*
GRANT - *:*
REVOKE - *:*

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